Tattoos are about owning our identity in the world. They're about proclaiming who we are without having to say a single word. People with Tattoos have an unbreakable sense of their authentic selves.
Our services
Creating exquisite Tattoos, our talented Artist offers an experienced, friendly and honest tattooing service: Custom, Flash, Re-design and truly inspired Cover-ups. At Slack Alice’s we always know what’s new, exciting and trending in the Tattoo world
Our team of experienced Body Piercers are passionate about Piercings. Practicing extremes of hygiene and using only the best quality equipment and jewellery you are guaranteed the highest level of expertise and professional service.
Using the latest technology our Laser technicians will professionally and affordably treat in the smallest amount of time. Our treatments range includes: Tattoo removal, Hair reduction, Stretch & Birth mark, Scar, Mole and skin blemishes. Thread, spider and varicose veins…and so much more.
I have chosen my Tattoos carefully. Look closely. As tools they may grant you a glimpse into the human I am.
What my customers say ...
Love, love, love my new tattoo. Jaye is amazing
The design was just what I wanted, subtle yet beautiful
I have loads of tattoos but this one is my fav!