Master Body Piercer
Laurie Angel Donald
As a licenced Master Body Piercer, Laurie adores Piercings. He lives and breathes the art form, and it is that dedication, skill and passion that has gained him the title of Master Body Piercer. He is fervent about his work; from the best quality equipment and jewellery used, to the extremes of hygiene and thorough advice and aftercare.


Body Piercing - Slack Alice Tattoo Shack, Hertfordshire

Body Piercing: A Form of Body Modification

Body Piercing can be an emotional affair: an outward sign of the ownership of our bodies.

Body Piercing

Indeed, with such high standards firmly in place, Laurie's piercing clients are always guaranteed the highest level of expertise and professional service. Needless to say, and with all this skill at our disposal, we offer a super huge range of piercings; seriously, there's not much Laurie can't pierce. Using only the best quality equipment and jewellery: Medical grade Titanium, each piece of beautiful jewellery is individually sterilized in the shop's autoclave in a sealed packet prior to piercing. A new needle (sealed) is used every time and disposed of after use. All other equipment is firstly ultra- sonically treated then sterilized in individual packets. Gloves, aprons and all other appropriate protective clothing is also worn. Plus, a cooling spray is used on most procedures.
Finally, and importantly… Our Piercing clients are required to be the minimum age of 16. With parental consent, piercings can be carried out on persons under the age of 16. For Genital piercings, clients must be 18 years or older. We will ask for all youthful looking customers to provide suitable I.D.
Love… Slack Alice’s x
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