Tattoo Artist & Business Owner
Jaye Van Veen
Having attained 3 N.V.Q qualifications in Beauty Therapy as well as diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology and Theatrical Make-up, Jaye began her artistic career as a make-up artist for the B.B.C. Good times. Happy memories. With artistic and imaginative talent easily recognized, Jaye was offered a Tattoo apprenticeship. It was during this time that she developed her own unique style, work and client values. And with those ethics firmly in place and at the tender age of 23, she created 'Slack Alice's Tattoo Shack' - a far cry from the representative Tattoo parlors of old; wanting tattooing to be recognized and accepted for what it is and always will be… A Beautiful Art Form. 

Professionally trained and certificated, Jaye is also an expert Laser technician qualified to perform all procedures offered at the 'Slack Alice's Laser Clinic.
Tattoos by Slack Alices Baldock

The Tattoos

At Slack Alice’s we offer an experienced, friendly and personal tattooing service with honest and thoughtful consultations. 

Consideration is always taken in assessing a client’s individual needs, aiming to give a pleasant and relaxing experience.

To create your Perfect Tattoo

We thrive on creating exquisite custom pieces, and if you have an idea or inkling of what you would like before you come to Slack Alice's…Well, you are already on your way to a perfect Tattoo! Indeed, you are encouraged to bring along or send any reference ideas, inspirations or similar designs that you might have available. You could even draw a sketch - don't worry, we never judge! Otherwise, you are more than welcome to browse the shop's library of reference books or the million pieces of flash material and designs we have available. Slack Alice's also offers exceptional Tattoo re-design and truly inspired cover-ups, as well as knowing what's new, exciting and trending in the Tattoo world. At all times, hygiene and an exemplary code of safe practice is Slack Alice's over-riding priority. All needles, ink, gloves and protective clothing are single use and work areas are thoroughly cleansed between clients using state of the art sterilization techniques.

Finally, and importantly… To have a Tattoo you must be 18 years of age or older. It is against the law (Tattooing of Minors Act 1969) to Tattoo anyone in the UK under the age of 18, even with a Parent’s or Guardian’s permission. To that end and to safeguard our clients and to adhere to the law, we ask, without exception, for all youthful looking customers to provide suitable I.D
Love… Slack Alice’s x
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